About us

We provide fully funded advisory support to small and medium businesses in London.

Our support helps businesses develop, pilot and launch well-designed and innovative circular initiatives. Our team of advisors will help you identify new business models that will have the greatest impact for your business and increase your competitiveness while being a force for good.

We are an integral part of the London Waste and Recycling Board and are proud to use our business support programme to help achieve our company mission to transform London into a world-leading, low carbon, circular city. This is all made possible by funding from the London Waste and Recycling Board and the European Regional Development Fund, and through our close relationship with the Greater London Authority.

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Our methodology

We Probe...

...into existing business models to find new and innovative routes for sustainable growth. We constantly push the boundaries of what is possible by challenging mainstream ideas and inquiring into their validity.

We model...

...new ways of doing business through designing out waste and making the most of resources, which leads to cost efficiencies and discovering untapped revenue opportunities.

We prove...

...that businesses can succeed while striving to make the best use of their resources and reducing their material impact. This is what makes a circular economy possible and helps build a brighter future for everyone.

Our team

We're an inquisitive bunch from all around the world, bringing a diverse set of skills and ideas to the table. We share a passion for helping London's smaller businesses and entrepreneurs, and come to work every day determined to transform London into a thriving circular city - an example for other cities around the world. By supporting these unsung heroes with our technical know-how, creativity and business savvy, we believe we can achieve LWARB's mission to advance London's transition to a low carbon, circular economy city.

Our partners

Changing the whole system requires a great deal of determination and even more co-operation, and we couldn't do it without the support, insights and strategic collaborations with our valued partners.