Amplify your impact

Scale and enable other organisations to embrace circularity.

Meet the Borough

You are a small or medium sized enterprise with a proven circular product or service and are eager to showcase how your solution supports local authority aims.

Our Meet the Borough event will give you the opportunity to meet with public representatives that are actively seeking to understand, attract, and embed circular solutions in their borough.

Connecting the public and private sectors

In partnership with London Borough of Hounslow

The London Borough of Hounslow is responding to the impacts of COVID-19 in a bold and ambitious way, using this as an opportunity to stimulate strong and robust ‘green recovery’ in the borough.

Through the Green Recovery Board and associated iLABS, they have already identified flagship projects which include 15 minute neighbourhoods and a Green Enterprise Zone.

To inspire and support these ambitions, we are delighted to bring together Hounslow Council departments and innovative circular SMEs in a ‘Meet the Borough’ event.

Do you have a solution to one of these challenges?

  • 1

    Re-imagining retrofitted buildings

    Do you help the construction industry source circular materials? Do you offer solutions to operate low-carbon homes, heritage sites, and offices? Do you create street-side and household infrastructure to promote recycling and re-use?

  • 2

    Creating greener distinctive town centres for all

    Do you help reduce noise and air pollution? Do you offer new uses for green, heritage and communal sites that attract harder-to-reach communities? Do you solve ’15min’ city planning?

  • 3

    New skills for a greener world

    Are you a circular business looking for skills from the hospitality, digital & creative media, and logistics & transport industries? Do you support individuals to learn ‘green’ skills? Do you offer affordable access to electronic equipment and materials for education?

  • 4

    Awakening the Circular Citizen

    Do you offer solutions that empower a diverse group of individuals, commerces, and communities to embody ‘green’ behaviours – whether at home, at the office, or on-the-go?

What to expect

We are very excited to be hosting our interactive event on the Hubilo virtual platform, to re-create as much of the in-person experience as possible.

At our Meet the Borough event, you will receive introductions to key people from a selection of Hounslow Council’s departments.

  • Identify opportunities to more coherently link your offering to Borough strategy and objectives.
  • Receive expert coaching on how you present your business to potential clients in a group workshop and a one-to-one coaching session.
  • Put your newly polished pitch to the test and present your offer to multiple representatives of the Borough.

This is a closed event, and qualifying SMEs will be invited directly. If you believe you should be considered, please get in touch at the details below.

1 Dec

Compelling Comms: Refine your pitch with an expert coach, Practice in a friendly and supporting environment with fellow circular businesses

4 Dec

Make the finishing touches to your pitch in a one-to-one coaching session

10 Dec

1h Business Debrief with one of our expert business advisors & Hubilo virtual platform demo & setup

15 Dec

Get matched with relevant departmental representatives at the Borough interested in drawing inspiration from or working in partnership with your offer

Please note

Compelling Comms coaching sessions are offered on a first-come, first-served basis

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