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Discover how to design circularity into your business and make the most of resources to cut costs and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Become a circular food business

We understand it can be tough in the hospitality industry, with businesses working around the clock and up against tight margins. Did you know that many small restaurants and cafes in London each throw away up to £6,000 of perfectly edible food every year? Or that small and medium-sized hospitality businesses across the UK overspend on their annual energy bills by nearly £92 million?

We'll help you gain a competitive advantage by cutting unnecessary costs while making the most of your resources. Our expert advisors will help you assess every aspect of your business and unearth how you can become zero-waste, reduce your bills and discover untapped revenue opportunities.

What you get

  • Delve into the food industry waste challenges and uncover clever insights on how to become zero-waste and reduce your bills
  • Team up with fellow food businesses in a practical and interactive workshop to co-design solutions and learn from each other
  • Hear compelling case studies from industry experts to see what success looks like and find out how they got there
  • Work closely with our expert advisors and learn all you need to know to launch successful circular initiatives
  • Witness first-hand what happens to your discarded food and packaging waste
  • Join our circular ecosystem and take advantage of speaking opportunities, grow your network, share ideas and collaborate

How it works

Hungry for some answers?

  • In our ‘circular food business’ masterclass we’ll help you analyse your operations and figure out where uneccessary waste happens, from food and packaging through to furniture and fixtures.
  • Compare different initiatives and map the circular opportunities for your business and within your supply chain
  • Learn about exciting new innovations and meet businesses that can help you cut down on waste and make the most of your resources

Witness the impact

  • Visit London’s food waste and recycling facilities to see what really happens to your waste

Dish it out

  • Use the insights and tools you receive to confidently launch your new circular initiative
  • Dare to think outside the box and qualify for further bespoke support

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