Redesign your business

Discover how to design circularity into your business and make the most of resources to cut costs and tap into new revenue opportunities.

Circular Food Business Masterclass

Join us for this practical introductory virtual workshop where we'll show you how you can be a profitable food business while creating a positive environmental impact. Perfect for Explorers, this half day workshop is open to any London-based small or medium sized food business wanting to explore exactly what circular economy could mean for them.

What to expect

  • Unearth circular possibilities in every aspect of your business, with the help of our experienced advisors and circular business framework
  • Discover opportunities to reduce waste, cut costs and create new revenue by exploiting underutilised resources across your value chain
  • Be inspired by real life examples of successful circular food businesses
  • Join our circular network to meet like-minded businesses and opportunities to share ideas and collaborate

Why should I register?

As food businesses re-open after lockdown, there is an opportunity to “build back better”, integrating circular economy ideas into every aspect of the business so that you get more from less and become a more resilient business while helping to tackle climate change.

We understand that you’re busy: you’ve got a restaurant, cafe, take-away, pub or catering company to run. We will help you to focus on the areas that are most relevant to you and make the changes that will have the biggest impact. Both on the environment and on your bottom line.

29 Jul


Registration and welcome

What is the circular economy?

Circular economy in action

How to map your business activities & identify circular opportunities

If you are a London-based, food SME looking to "build back better", register now!

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